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Oct 31 2012

Our New Downtown Library

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I’m really excited about the plans to build a new downtown library, and I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts about this. The Library has developed a concrete plan for how a new library will benefit this community, arrived at through 5 years of analysis and public comment. Among the items on the capability side that […]

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Sep 09 2008

Spore: The game of intelligent design

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Spore is an epically conceived attempt to provide a game that lets you oversee your little creature from tidepool to galactic domination.  While this sounds like an educational game about evolution, this is not a science based game about evolution by natural selection. It’s a game about intelligent design.  You have godlike powers over your […]

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May 27 2008

One laptop per child redesign

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One Laptop Per Child is an effort to produce a $100 laptop that can be distributed en masse to the school children of the world.  The first pass attempt at the hardware was going for $200, featured a 400 MHz CPU, flash for storage and wifi. And it’s powered by winding. That’s great, but the […]

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Oct 19 2007

Education: To Find or To Know?

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There is a debate about whether students should be ‘brought into the future’, and educated with tests such as “find this information on the internet”, instead of rote memorization, for instance espoused in this Seth Godin post. While we want students to be able to find information on the internet or in a library, I […]

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