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Dec 22 2008

Design Elegance

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Elegant and crisp interface design is an important whether you’re designing an automotive dash or a command-line tool.  I find good design practices can be harvested from a variety of seemingly unrelated sources.  The underlying thread, is to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible.  It’s been said a million times, but it’s so […]

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Dec 20 2008


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ArbCamp08 was great, thanks to all the organizers, who had to scramble at the last minute to handle a huge turnout by changing the venue.  With more than 160 attendees, there was a wide variety of interesting breakout sessions and impromptu discussions. I enjoyed the parallel programming session led by Jon Cohen – I hadn’t […]

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Dec 20 2008


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Completed my first wordpress upgrade, which went fine.  Of course, backpus are key.  Backup processes for apps like this can be a tricky verification challenge, as users can have a long history of different versions installed as the starting point, possibly with custom modifications.

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Dec 15 2008

Easy backups in OS X

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I’ve settled on the killer combination for easy backups to a NAS on OS X, and it involves installing no software.  It’s a combination of rsync, and scheduling with launchd. The first step is getting your rsync command working.  I like it because it allows you to maintain a mirror of your files on the […]

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