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Jun 16 2010

Kudos Japan

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The Japanese space program is doing some cool shit in the way of interplanetary spacecraft, and I have to hand it to them. I’m primarily impressed by their sheer ambition, launching bleeding edge missions that the more conservative NASA would tend to work their way up to. With previous interplanetary experience consisting of a couple […]

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Mar 23 2010

Apollo Lunar Escape System was All Guts

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Let me take you back to an era before computer control of all aspects of spaceflight was considered necessary. It’s the early 70s, and although additional flights after Apollo 17 were eventually canceled, there were at the time plans afoot for longer duration stays on the lunar surface. However, a longer stay entailed an increased […]

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Oct 08 2009


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If you don’t have a 10-inch telescope to see LCROSS impact the moon tomorrow morning at 7:31 EST, there are some other options. NASA has a good page with links, including NASA TV and timing information. NASA should have a live feed from the trailing LCROSS shepard spacecraft. Also, SLOOH is providing a free live […]

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Jun 26 2009

Atlantis may be totalled.

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This is crazy. On the last shuttle mission, a work light knob was loose and floating between the instruments and a window. On landing the shuttle contracts and it’s wedged in there now damaging the window. They can’t get it out, and they think it will take 6 months to dissassemble that section of the […]

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