Nov 11 2013

The script for Episode VII

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A very advanced Bespin mining vessel emerges from a wormhole and confronts a Star Destroyer. Darth Vader sacrifices himself so his twin children can escape in lifeboats. The action moves to Tatooine, where a young fuck up named Luke Skywalker drives his uncle’s hover camaro over a cliff. Fifteen years later, Luke is involved in a Mos Eisley brawl and an older Rebel Alliance officer named Ben Kenobi takes an interest in him, encouraging him to turn his life around and join the rebels. He does so, becoming an officer just as the Bespin mining ship reappears. Luke and his training crew arrive too late to save Alderaan, (homeworld of his rival/friend/secret twin sister) from destruction by the mining ship. They later cook up a crazy plan that makes the mining ship explode and earns them all medals in a weirdly awkward ceremony …

Episode VIII – There is a mole in the rebel alliance named Boba Fett …

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